Guidelines and Policies for Review Submissions

At GorillaSketch, we value and appreciate your feedback. To ensure that all reviews shared on our platform maintain integrity, authenticity, and relevance, we have established the following guidelines and policies for review submissions:

  1. Authenticity and Truthfulness: We welcome honest and genuine reviews based on personal experiences with our services, products, or interactions. Please refrain from submitting reviews that contain false information, are misleading, or impersonate others.

  2. Respect and Professionalism: We encourage constructive criticism and feedback while maintaining a respectful tone. Reviews containing offensive language, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, or personal attacks will not be accepted.

  3. Relevance: Reviews should focus on the specific aspects of the service offered by GorillaSketch. Please ensure that your review is relevant and pertains directly to your experience with us.

  4. No Promotional Content: Reviews should not contain promotional material, advertisements, or external links. They should solely reflect your honest opinion and experience.

  5. Privacy and Personal Information: For privacy reasons, avoid sharing sensitive personal information or details that could compromise your privacy or the privacy of others in your review.

  6. Submission Moderation: All submissions undergo a moderation process to ensure they meet our guidelines. This process may take some time. Approved reviews will be displayed on our website.

By submitting a review to GorillaSketch, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to these guidelines. We reserve the right to moderate or decline reviews that do not comply with these policies.

Thank you for your cooperation and for contributing to our community with your valuable feedback!