Accomplished self-taught artist with a unique style and a passion for creating art that inspires and uplifts.

Angel Ureña

As a self-taught artist I faced many adversities and setbacks but through it all I continued to hone my skills. Using my experiences to fuel my creativity, through practice and dedication I developed my own style and technique. From struggles to triumphs, I now express myself through my work while helping others bring their own ideas to life.


Growing up in a small town in the Dominican Republic, visual art was a rarity besides the cartoons we would see on TV. This was a time before Netflix and the many other on-demand streaming services we have today, “Back in my day” cartoons would only air on very specific days at very specific times. If you missed those time slots, you were all out of luck. So with pen and paper in hand, it was up to my friends and I to fill in the gaps with our very own adventures.

Soon my life would get flipped turned upside down when my family and I would relocate from the small poverty stricken town in a 3rd world country Dominican Republic, to New York City. I was elated at the news of traveling to America, a place full of possibilities.

That excitement was short lived. To my surprise, once here I was heavily discouraged from pursuing Art by Teachers, Counselors and just about everyone I met in the American Public School system. Although I was very disheartened, I still continued the adventures my friends and I back home started. It was my safe place.

The more I drew, the more elaborate the adventures became. As an added benefit my art improved. I continued to quietly pursue my dreams.​

The day Art became my therapy there was no escaping the outcome. Despite countless failures and set backs, years later I am now a full time Illustrator, and concept artist, with my own series of published works.

Having struggled to find the artistic guidance and help I needed as a child, I now spend my days helping others achieve their dreams, bringing awesome ideas to life while continuing those wild adventures my childhood friends and I started back home.


I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let’s connect.